Cathie Ostapchuk

I spent the first half of my life in the arts conducting choirs and orchestras, composing and playing piano. During this season, I noticed that teams that came together to make the larger symphony or choir each needed their own unique voice. I went on to have the privilege of experiencing a crash course in leadership that wet my appetite for pulling individuals together for a greater good (just like an orchestra). 

In my coursework at Briercrest Seminary where I received my Masters in Leadership and Management, I heard a phrase by Steven Covey’s 8th Habit that was an epiphany to me: “Find your voice and help others find their voice.” It was clear that this was to be my call.

Throughout the seasons of my life I’ve had the privilege of developing my voice as a leader, writer, speaker and teacher. I’ve discovered that my passion is to vision and create areas of opportunity for others to develop their voice, step into their calling and become the leaders and influencers they were made to be.

So as you see, just as in an orchestra, the whole is more than the sum of it’s parts. We’re better together.

With you to finish strong,

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about cathie


Cathie’s work and ministry as a leadership development trainer, consultant and coach – has led her to work in global non-profit organizations such as World Vision and Compassion, serve in corporate boardrooms, and travel across Canada and as far as Africa and Australia doing the work she loves. Her mission statement is to help clarify purpose and vision for individuals, teams and organizations.

Cathie is committed to raising the profile and presence of Canadian Christian women coast to coast. As the Co-Founder of Gather Women, she knows that the Canadian landscape has


the potential to be transformed by women who are connected and championed within a culture of support. She believes that cultivating the soil in this nation and gathering, developing and equipping Canadian Christian women will nurture a collective voice; a presence that can radically impact our churches, our communities and our culture.