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Cathie speaks at events, conferences, workshops and engages one-on-one seeking to empower, inspire and champion the voice and presence of Canadian women to impact their spheres of influence. She has spoken at several major events such as Gather Women, BreakForthOne and GEMS Annual Leadership Conference, as well as numerous churches and other gatherings.

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Loosen the stranglehold of the measured life. Breathe in the immeasurable life that God intended for you to live. It’s time to throw the measuring tape away and come up for air. Because the grace that God wants us to breathe in is beyond measure.


Voice comes from the Latin root vocare, which is also the root word for vocation. But Finding Your Voice is about so much more than a career choice. It’s about having clarity of life direction. It’s about giving full expression to your true self – holding nothing back. You will be equipped and inspired to not only find your genuine voice but learn the principles to discover, disclose, declare and display your unique and beautiful self.


You cannot tell the truth to others unless you have told the truth to yourself. Your truth-telling begins with receiving the truth of who you are from your Creator. Join me to be equipped and inspired to be – Clearer so you can Speak Up, Braver so you can Show Up, and Stronger so you can Stand Out.

Using the Gallup Strengthsfinder® as a tool, you will discover that you were created to be Clear, Brave and Strong. You will learn that by facing your biggest fears and harnessing your natural strengths – you release yourself from feeling stuck and without purpose or direction. You will get the new perspective you need to take the next step to your clearer, braver, stronger life.


Sometimes the best strategy is the ability to respond to changing market and culture environments with an ‘seize the moment’ mindset. Strategic plans can be cumbersome and become irrelevant the moment they are created. Unstrategy offers 6 principles for moving forward and seizing opportunities with confidence in a changing world, unencumbered by the weight of too much structure.

Changinging Your Mind About Making Change

The change-makers are the risk takers. If 75% of all change initiatives fail, then how will changing your mind about making change propel you into the 25% of successful change strategies realm? Discover the 5 change-making principles that will not only help you navigate external change, but also initiate it to create the next wave of momentum and success - personally, and professionally.


A Journey Through Inner Landscapes on Your Life’s Journey With God

  • Single, retreat or six-week teaching series


Uncovering Your Values, Voice and Vision



Cathie is the Founder and Lead Catalyst of Gather Women. A organization bringing Canadian Christian women together from diverse cultural, denominational, generational and geographical contexts in order to create a strong infrastructure of connection coast to coast, to equip and resource women with teaching and tools to live their faith and put their faith in action to transform their nation.


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